I think if I had to live without art, it would be dangerous. I realize not everybody would understand this. I do not set out to make art everyday, that would be idiotic. I just set out to be happy.

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Jonel Scholtz Fine Artist Solo @ NWU Gallery 1 July to 25 July 2019

Artist: Jonel ScholtzCountry: South AfricaIt was a pleasure to welcome such a passionate & extremely talented artist to join our Artist Residency Program this year.We watched Jonel produce the most beautiful works of art during her stay. Her work portrays who she is as a person; beautiful, creative & very sharp with the details!Your energy created the most vibrant atmosphere at the Arts Centre. We look forward to welcoming you back again.The Arts TeamArtist's Statement:"I do not set out to make art every day, which would be idiotic. I just set out to be happy. My portraits are moments in the past captured on canvas. They should have dissipated into the past, but i dragged them back into the present. I cannot explain them to you, which is your job. Mine is just to make you see your soul through my work."Jonel Scholtz AIR (Feb-March 2018)To view her work, visit us at Tamarin Arts Centre, Black River.

Posted by Tamarin Arts Centre on Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Circle Quarterly Art Review by CFA Press An Examination of Current Trends and Original Practices in Visual Art


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