Artist Statement

I have so much baggage and hang-ups. I think if I had to live without art, it would be dangerous. I realise not everybody would understand this. I do not set out to make art every day, that would be idiotic. I just set out to be happy.


What can I say about my paintings? I think they are moments in the past captured on canvas. They should have dissipated into the past, but I dragged them back into the present. I cannot explain them to you, that is your job. Mine is just to make you see your soul through my work. I have been lost so many times and realised that getting back is the actual journey. You grow as an artist and ultimately your world changes as well as your work.


I try to dance to the radio, sing in the shower, eat cake, cry and laugh and laugh and laugh, but most of all love - every day. And that is all I need to do.

RSG Kuns

Interview with RSG Kuns' Christelle Webb-Joubert.

Christelle Webb-Joubert visits the artists Jonel Scholtz and Liesel Brune.

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